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Brainy Bunch Intensive Primary Program Book (IPP)

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📚🌈 Elevate Your Child's Learning with the Montessori Pink, Blue, and Green Series Intensive Primary Program Books! 🌟

📖🌟 Bring the Montessori classroom into your home and watch your child flourish with confidence, curiosity, and a deep love for learning. Our Intensive Primary Program Books are a gateway to a world of knowledge and growth.

🩷 Montessori Pink Series: Dive into the world of letters and sounds with our Pink Series books. Seamlessly guide your child through phonetics, vocabulary building, and the joy of reading. Watch as their confidence soars with each new word mastered!

💙 Montessori Blue Series: Embark on the discovery of phonograms and word patterns with our Blue Series books. Expan your child’s ability to decode and encode words.

💚 Montessori Green Series: Explore the wonders of Language through the Green Series books. Delve into more complex words while igniting your child's passion for exploration and knowledge. These books open doors to reading fluency.

Why Choose Our Intensive Primary Program Books? 

✅ Carefully curated content aligned with Montessori principles. 

✅ Engaging visuals and interactive elements for a dynamic learning experience. 

✅ Reinforce classroom learning or embark on a self-guided educational journey. 

📅 Special Offer: Get 3 books for only RM100.00

Empower your child's learning adventure with Montessori-inspired books. 🌟📚

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