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ACTIGUARD ADLO-Brace Adjustable Lumbar Orthosis

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Adjustable Lumbar Orthosis
- Unique Pulley & Cord System provides support & compression to Spine & Fatigued muscles
- Single Cord handle for easy adjustment
- Soft perforated composite material for better comfort & compliance
- Perforated & flexible back panel get contoured to body shape automatically
- Easy sizing - 2 sizes fits most
- Comfortable design that can be worn under garments

Low Back Pain :
Low Back pain is one of the most common reason for absence from work.
The pain range from a dull ache to a stabbing pain.
Acute back pain occurs suddenly after a sports activity or lifting heavy things.
If the pain persist after 3 months then it is called a chronic pain caused because of
bulging or ruptured disc that press or pinch nerves from spinal cord.
To support & compensate the strain and injury, muscles around the lower back naturally tighten and become fatigued.
An ideal Lower back support is, needed to support and stabilize the spine and in-turn the muscles get relaxed and pain relieved.

ADLO Advantage : ADLO is an Adjustable Lumbar Orthosis which comes with a unique Pulley & Cord system. The Pulley & Cord system is superior to conventional braces as it provides support for the lower back along with
compression which can be adjusted according to the need by pulling the Cord handle.

ADLO comes with a unique soft and breathable perforated composite
material which gives comfort all through the day.

Consult your Doctor or Therapist for more information.
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