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Cleans And Restores The Original Shine Of Jewellery!

- Non-toxic.
- Free of ammonia.
- Ready-to-use formula.
- Effectively cleans with minimal effort.
- Removes dullness to restore original gleam.
- Makes your items look as good as new.
- Great for restoring old coins, watches and more.

Put the sparkle and shine back into your jewellery, accessories and trinkets with the DIY Malaya Jewelry Cleaner.

This non-abrasive ready-to-use liquid cleaner effectively removes dirt, grime and tarnish on even hard-to-reach areas to restore the original brilliance.

Directions For Use:
1. Soak jewellery for at least 10 minutes.
2. Longer soaking time & light brushing are required for difficult stains & larger items.
3. Rinse under running water & dry with a soft cloth.
4. Discard solution when it turns murky.
5. Use a quality jewellery polish cleaning cloth that will remove dirt and tarnish as well as give the pieces their shine back.
6. Be sure to be gentle when polishing the jewellery by wiping instead of scrubbing.

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